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    Holidays and vacations bring you the joy of getting away from chaotic chores in your daily life. It helps you in escaping the physical stress that drains your body and the mental stress that exhausts your brain. The escape comes in the form of exploring new places, engaging yourself in new experiences, meeting new people, and embracing good times. If you are planning an international trip to rejuvenate yourself with all the beauty and charm around the world, it is necessary to go along with an international access. A visa is that document that lets you have the all-access pass to all the corners of the world that you want to explore and celebrate your life.

    Applying for a visa used to be a cumbersome job, but that is in the past. Today, with the help of technological developments and advances, you can apply for a visa online in a few clicks. Online visa application has become quite relaxed and hassle-free. So, get your visa online and have a smooth vacation.

    How do you go about applying for your Visa?

    With the introduction of various online visa services, it has become quite a convenient task to apply for a visa in just four simple steps.

    When to start applying for a visa?

    The best recommended time to start your visa application is at the very beginning, which is as soon as you get your travel tickets. Every consulate or visa company asks for travel dates, so be clear with it, and be ready with the tickets as well.

    - Time-frame Though visa processing does not take months as used to be, it is still recommended that you apply for a visa at least a month in advance. Every country has its own procedure and different time frame for visa clearance.

    - Documentation A clear documentation process is essential for visa application. The most important document you need is a passport with validity that is valid for six months post your travel dates. Chances of getting a visa are nil if your visa is about to expire. You might be called for an interview or to provide your biometrics in many countries. For a tourist visa, you will need to present your financial records, itinerary, insurance, accommodation details, etc.

    - Visa Fees As you apply for a visa online, you can easily calculate visa fees just by filling the visa application form with details of your travel dates and purpose. The cost of visa changes from time to time. Therefore, your visa fees depend on the date your visa application is received.

    - Track your Visa One of the most appealing features of online visa application is that you can now track the real-time visa status. Only by filling in your reference number, you can find out the status of your visa application online.

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    What is a travel visa?

    Issued by a country, a travel visa is a document that allows a foreigner to gain entry into the country, remain within, or leave the country. It includes limits on the duration of stay, accessible territories, number of permitted visits to the country, and dates of entry and exit.

    What is required to apply for a travel visa?

    The specific requirements for a travel visa vary from one country to another. However, many countries need you to submit recent photographs, actual passport, and fill a visa application form. Certain other documents that the country’s embassy or the consulate may ask include your detailed travel itinerary, health information, travel tickets, etc.

    What does Personal Appearance mean?

    Personal Appearance means to appear in person at the consulate to verify your identity or conduct an interview. In such cases, you must submit your visa application form at the consulate directly.

    Is a passport required to obtain a travel visa?

    For the majority of countries, a travel visa is stamped on or affixed to a travel visa page inside a passport. However, there are a few exceptions, and may depend from country to country.

    Is a visa required to transit through a country?

    Many countries do not require a visa if you are in-transit to another destination and are staying for a short period. However, specific transit requirements vary from country to country.

    What is an On-Arrival Visa?

    An on-arrival visa is where countries issue visas once you arrive in the country.

    Can a person holding a tourist visa indulge in business activities?

    No. If a person holding a tourist visa is found to be involved in business activities, it may be considered as a violation.

    If a person holds a tourist visa, can he/she accept employment?

    No. If a person is found working, while holding “Tourist” visa, he/she may be booked for visa violation.