MoCash Terms & Conditions

  • Goomo Wallet is a closed loop wallet that can be used for booking on Goomo and its online distribution network – Website and Mobile website.
  • Goomo Wallet is referred to as “MoCash” collectively along with two sub-types – “MoCash” & “MoCashX
    • MoCash:
      • MoCash is promotional money that Goomo will credit to customer basis our on-going campaigns, promotions or basis customers booking.
      • The usage of this cash is time and restriction bound.
    • MoCashX:
      • MoCashX is credited into a customer’s wallet post a cancellation or failed booking, if a customer opts for it, as per the timelines defined by Goomo from time to time.
      • This amount does not have an expiration timeline.
  • No interest is payable for balance in MoCash or MoCashX.
  • MoCash can be used up to a limit for every transaction with or without an existing promo code.
    • MoCash discount restriction will be applicable as below in case where there is no other promotion code is used by the customer:
      Max Wallet usageFor Flights – upto 3% of booking value, which shall be capped to Rs. 1,000/-per transactionFor Hotels - upto 3% of base value, which is capped to Rs.1,000/- per transaction
    • MoCash may be clubbed with an existing promotion offers of Goomo and the limits of usage of MoCash along with the promo code discount shall be determined by Goomo from time to time at its sole discretion.
  • MoCash & MoCashX can be used to make a booking only through Desktop, Mobile website and Goomo mobile apps.
  • Customer is required to be logged in to their Goomo account at the time of making a booking. Guest users cannot avail benefits of MoCash.
  • Customer is required to verify their mobile number in MyGoomo section of their Goomo account for MoCash wallet to be created. For Customers with a non-verified mobile number, no cashback or MoCash will be processed by Goomo.
  • Incase of cancellation, ‘Standard Flights or Hotels Terms and Conditions’ would additionally apply.
  • The amount parked in MoCash or MocashX is not transferable.
  • MoCash usage will be permitted only from the date of wallet creation. Bookings done prior to wallet creation date will not be considered
  • For bookings made through credit / debit / prepaid cards issued outside India, the refund amount cannot be transferred to MoCashX. The refunds shall be processed into the same instrument through which the booking was made.
  • Goomo reserves the right to monitor and temporarily or permanently suspend access to MoCash wallet if a customer is involved in any fraudulent activities or chargeback issues, as may be solely determined by Goomo. If Goomo detects a transaction to be of a fraudulent nature, Goomo reserves the right to not process refund into MoCashX.
  • Customer agrees that he/she will not raise any chargeback request with his/ her card issuing bank or entity for those amounts which are transferred to MoCashX after his/ her consent. Any such chargebacks from the card issuer or bank will be denied by Goomo and Goomo reserves the rights to recover the money from the customer for any chargebacks requested and made in contravention of this clause.
  • Customer can choose to remit money from MoCashX into their payment instrument through which initial payment was made. If at the time of refund into the wallet, customer has availed any benefit like waiver of cancellation charges, convenience fees or additional top-up from Goomo as part of its promotion / campaign, these waived fees will be charged to the customer, if they opt to take money back to source.
  • Goomo has the sole discretion for rewarding MoCash to the customer with promotional offers.
  • Goomo wallet is associated with the customer mobile number, in case of change or discontinuation of mobile number, the customer will be required to notify Goomo, to prevent any loss or misuse.
  • Goomo will not be responsible for any operation or activities of the wallet including loss or misuse of funds from MoCash or MoCashX.
  • MoCash or MoCashX cannot be used for amending / modifying or booking directly with any hotel or airline.
  • These terms can be amended, modified or withdrawn by Goomo at any time without prior notice.
  • In case of any disputes, the courts in Mumbai shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.

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