Goomo Wallet FAQ's

Introducing Goomo MoCash
Goomo wallet or MoCash is a simple and an easy way to save money on your travel bookings. It is an online account that stores your promotional, cancellation and refunds cash. You can use money in your Goomo wallet for your future flight and hotel bookings.
There are 2 types of Goomo wallet – MoCash and MoCashX
MoCash: MoCash is promotional money that Goomo adds to your wallet. MoCash can be earned by participating in various promotional activities of Goomo.
MoCashX: When you cancel a trip or a booking with Goomo, your refund amount i.e. MoCashX gets credited instantly in the Goomo wallet and can be used immediately for your next booking.
Benefits of using the Goomo wallet
  • Additional Discounts: Every time you use MoCash, you get additional discounts besides the promo code discount
  • Multiple Payment Options: Pay with your wallet, card or a combination of the two while making a booking on Goomo
  • One Click Payment: Make hotel and flight bookings instantly
  • Save on your cancellation fees: Avoid flight cancellation charges and transfer your refund to MoCashX.
  • Earn on your next booking: Every time you book with Goomo, you also earn for your next booking.
  • How to Use MoCash?

    You can use MoCash when you book your flights and hotels with Goomo.

    • Search, select your flight / hotel
    • Sign-in to your Goomo account and proceed to ‘Make Payment’
    • The usable balance for the transaction will be available for the booking. Simply click ‘Redeem’ to use MoCash.
  • How to use MoCashX?

    If you have money in MoCashX, you can book your flights or hotels with Goomo without any restriction.

    • Search, select your flight / hotel
    • Sign-in to your Goomo account and proceed to ‘Make Payment’
    • The available MoCashX balance will be visible. Enter the amount you wish to pay for your booking.
  • How do I earn cash in my Goomo wallet?
    • MoCash is promotional cash added by Goomo from time to time into your account. You can use this to book your flight or hotel within 90 days from the date of credit.
    • MoCashX can only be credited to your account when you cancel a booking.
  • Is there a limit on usage of cash from Goomo wallet?

    MoCashX can be used any time without any restriction on limit or validity. MoCash can be used to the extent mentioned during a booking.

  • How to check balance in the wallet?
    • Sign-in to your MyGoomo account and click on MoCash
    • You can view your MoCash & MoCashX balance and transactional statement

    While making a booking, you will be able to view your balance in the payment, just make sure you are signed-in.

  • How can I get my wallet with Goomo?

    It’s easy, simply sign-up and book with Goomo. Your MoCash account will be created.

  • How can I put money into MoCashX?

    When you cancel a booking, you can refund the money to Goomo wallet - MoCashX.

  • What if I don’t have sufficient cash in Goomo wallet to make a booking?

    You will always have the option of combining funds from your Wallet with any other payment channel (like PayBack, Gift Card, Credit/Debit Card and net banking) while making a new booking.

  • Can I use MoCash to book my flight / hotels through your customer service?

    Currently, MoCash is available for online use only.

  • Can I transfer balance in my Goomo wallet to any other user?

    Balance from one account cannot be transferred to another.

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