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Kolkata To Lucknow Flights

Avail exciting offers on domestic flight bookings when flying from Kolkata to Lucknow. Find cheap Kolkata to Lucknow air tickets only at From flight status to schedules, and information about your Kolkata to Lucknow airfare, offers it all. Book Kolkata to Lucknow flights now and avail great discounts!



Flying to Lucknow from Kolkata is now extremely easy. The total number of flights found between Kolkata and Lucknow are around 50.

Plan your next trip to Lucknow, the city of Nawabs is the capital of Uttar Pradesh! One can find a good number of airlines that fly this circuit. Jet Airways and IndiGo offer frequent Kolkata to Lucknow flights on a daily basis.

Everyone loves a low fare air ticket. Here at Goomo, we offer some of the lowest flight fares. The lowest flight fare recorded for Kolkata to Lucknow air tickets in past months was on an average of Rs. 2000 to 3000.

The current cheapest Kolkata to Lucknow airfare begins at Rs. 2561.

About Kolkata

A metro city, and capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is the old and vintage India that many long for. Art, food, and the way of life are some of the few reasons why thousands of people travel there every day. Airlines such as Air India and IndiGo offer frequent flights from Kolkata to Lucknow.

About Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh is a place of rich culture and heritage that the entire country is proud of. It’s popular for tourist attractions such as Rumi Darwaza and Bhool Bhuliya. Airlines such as Jet Airways and Air India offer flights between Kolkata and Lucknow on a very frequent basis.


Q: What is the airport code for Kolkata Airport and Lucknow Airport?

A: The airport code for Kolkata airport is CCU and the airport code for Lucknow airport is LKO.

Q: How far is Kolkata from Lucknow in terms of aerial distance?

A: Kolkata is located 886 km away from Lucknow in terms of aerial distance.

Q: What are the names of Kolkata and Lucknow airports?

A: The formal name of Kolkata airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, and the name of Lucknow airport is Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport.

Q: How many airline carriers operate on the Kolkata to Lucknow route daily?

A: 5 airline carriers operate on the Kolkata to Lucknow route daily.

Q: What is the shortest direct flight from Kolkata to Lucknow on Monday?

A: The shortest direct flights from Kolkata to Lucknow on Monday are the GoAir and Jet Airways ones spanning 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Q: What is the longest direct flight from Kolkata to Lucknow on Monday?

A: The longest direct flight from Kolkata to Lucknow on Monday is the IndiGo flight spanning 1 hour and 55 minutes.

Q: I want a flight from Kolkata to Lucknow on Tuesday. Are there any 11 am to 5 pm flights available?

A: There are 14 flights in this time slot, across five airline carriers.

Q: How many total Kolkata to Lucknow flights are there on Wednesday?

A: There are 80 Kolkata to Lucknow flights on Wednesday.

Q: Which is the last Kolkata to Lucknow flight on Wednesday?

A: Air India flies the last Kolkata to Lucknow flight on Wednesday, at 10.45 pm.

Q: Which is the least expensive option to book a Kolkata to Lucknow flight on Thursday?

A: IndiGo has the least expensive flight on the Kolkata-Lucknow route on Thursday. The ticket costs Rs 1,704.

Q: How many evening flights from Kolkata to Lucknow are there on Thursday?

A: There are 31 evening Kolkata to Lucknow flights on Thursday.

Q: I want a morning flight from Kolkata to Lucknow on Friday. How much will the ticket cost?

A: There are 34 morning flights from Kolkata to Lucknow on Friday. The ticket costs range from Rs 2,020 to Rs 21,987.

Q: Which airline has the least number of options to book Kolkata to Lucknow flights on Sunday?

A: With one flight, GoAir has the least number of flights on the Kolkata to Lucknow route on Sunday.

Q: What is refundable fare on the Kolkata to Lucknow air ticket?

A: As the name suggests, ‘refundable fare’ means that you can get the fare refunded in case you cancel the booking. However, convenience fees and cancellation fees will be deducted before refunding the money.

Q: I cancelled my refundable Kolkata to Lucknow air ticket but some of the money was deducted. Why?

A: Though the fare is refundable, the airline deducts convenience fee and cancellation charges from the money you paid.

Q: How will I know my baggage limit?

A: Most airlines have similar baggage limits, i.e. 15 kg. You can find out the baggage limit assigned to you by checking the ticket details when browsing for Kolkata to Lucknow flights.

Q: Will I be charged extra for carrying excess baggage?

A: Yes, you will be charged extra for carrying excess baggage, between Rs 200 and Rs 400 per extra kg, plus GST.

Q: Can I do a web check-in for my Kolkata to Lucknow flight?

A: Yes, you can do a web check-in for any of the domestic Kolkata to Lucknow flights. The airline’s website has a field marked ‘Web check-in’.

Q: How soon can I book Kolkata to Lucknow flight tickets to avail of early discounts?

A: The timing of the flight, the season of departure and the type of carrier airline also determine the range of discounts you can get. We can help you get the best offers on your preferred flights and dates of travel.

Q: I am travelling to Lucknow with my children and parents. Can I reserve extra sleeping space for them?

A: Extra sleeping space is provided for Business Class ticket holders. Economy Class ticket holders are not offered extra sleeping/resting space. You may reserve an extra seat in the Economy Class if that helps.

Q: I was browsing ticket fares for Kolkata to Lucknow flights and the fares have varied many times in the last two days. Why does this happen?

A: Airfares are known to fluctuate depending upon the demand and availability of seats. The price is confirmed only when you pay for the tickets.

Q: I need to cancel my refundable Kolkata to Lucknow air ticket. How long will it take for the refund process?

A: The refund process is initiated immediately if you paid from an e-wallet or using your debit/credit card. Please initiate the refund and we will take you through the refund process.

Q: I want to change my bookings for another day. What should I do?

A: You can certainly change your bookings. We can help you shift your flight bookings to another airline on the date of your choice. If you wish to cancel the booking entirely, we can help you process the cancellation on your refundable ticket.

Q: Are there good hotels outside Lucknow airport?

A: There are a few hotel options outside Lucknow airport. We recommend that you confirm your stay before you leave from Kolkata.

Q: How early should I reach the airport for my Kolkata to Lucknow flight?

A: It is recommended that you reach the airport at least two hours before your flight departs from Kolkata.

Q: How do I track the Kolkata to Lucknow flight status?

A: You can log on to the website of the concerned airline and key in the flight number and departure date to track the flight status. This facility is available across all domestic airlines.

Q: I wish to carry my own meal for the Kolkata to Lucknow flight. Am I allowed to do so?

A: You are not allowed to carry eatables and beverages on the flight. You are certainly free to eat before you board the flight, or ask for a meal once the journey begins.

Q: My parents are flying to Lucknow for the first time. Which documents do they need to carry for their flight?

A: Your parents need to carry a copy of their confirmed ticket (even an e-ticket on their phone will do), and valid photo ID.

Q: Can I get a senior citizen discount on booking Kolkata to Lucknow flights for my aged parents?

A: Almost all airlines offer senior citizen discounts on booking flights. A valid photo ID clearly showing the date of birth of the ticket holder is required while booking the tickets.

Q: Can the senior citizen discount be given on tax as well?

A: No discounts are applicable on the tax payable on the air fares.

Q: I had booked a Kolkata to Lucknow ticket on a discount coupon, but now I need to change my booking. Is the discount still valid?

A: It depends on the terms of the discount offered to you. However, it may not be possible to apply the same discount on a different booking.

Q: How far is Lucknow airport from the main city centre?

A: Lucknow airport is located about 15 km away from the city centre.

Q: How can I get discounts on booking a Kolkata to Lucknow flight ticket?

A: You can rely on Goomo to offer you a bouquet of discounts, deals and the best offers on Kolkata to Lucknow flights. Goomo offers discounts and the best ever deals on all flight bookings, every day.

Kolkata Airport Details

Name: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport (CCU)
Address: Jessore Rd, Dum Dum, Kolkata
Phone: 033 2511 8036

Lucknow Airport Details

Name: Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport (LKO)
Address: Amausi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226009
Phone: 0552 2435 404


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