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1 Adult , Economy

In order to book flights for more than 9 seats, please call us at +91-93338-93338


Adults 12 + years

Children 2 - 12 years

Infants Under 2 years

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About Confident Airlines

Confident Airlines marks its presence in the airline industry with Confident Group. It is an Indian conglomerate that is headquartered in Bangalore, India with operations spread overseas. The air charter service from Confident Airlines offers customized air travel. The company specializes in providing charter services to private, commercial, and corporate sectors in the country.

The company follows a ‘Zero Deviation Policy’ which ensures every flight will take off and land at precise timings.


Confident Airlines provides charter flight services to holiday, religious destinations, and other commercial purposes. It caters to religious tourism, medical and health tourism, High Networth Individual and Business travellers, Leisure Tourism, and commercial and private purposes. This airline’s aim to create a world of convenience and the passenger delight be it while travelling solo or with a group.