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Why has Air Travel become the best thing for humans?

It’s fast enough to cover long distances. Moreover, it’s cheaper and offers travellers a wide choice. A business traveller can compromise on the price of the tickets, but not on the dates. Whereas, leisure travellers aren’t flexible on the dates but look for something more affordable. In general, airlines always try to strike a balance between both.

Things to keep in mind before boarding a flight

Always remember that the check-in opens three hours prior to the flight departure. When it comes to domestic, try to arrive at least two hours and for international, at least three hours before departure. With this, you’d get enough time to complete the check-in formalities. Carry all the relevant travel documents - tickets, photo-id proof and passport for international travel. At the terminal, keep a tab on the schedule as well as details that are displayed on the screens. If you’re travelling abroad, you would require the visa along with the flight ticket and password during check-in.

Choose the class in which you want to travel

Airlines have classified travel into three classes to meet a traveller’s comfort and convenience level. 

First Class – Expensive and luxurious travel. 

Business class – same amenities, small variations of seat dimensions, different food options and personalized service. As a traveller, you get access to lounge, delicious meals and drinks, extra space to work. At times, travelling first class may give you the option to sleep on flat beds and private pods. 

Economy Class – You can enjoy basic facilities. Sometimes, food too needs to be purchased. In this segment, certain airlines also offer Premium Economy class. This is ideal for those who want to work or catch up on some sleep. The seat costs here in premium economy may a little expensive as compared to that of economy.

Some of the best International Airlines :

Emirates: One of the largest airlines in the Middle East, it helps connect an extensive network of international routes. They provide commercial passenger service since 1985.

Qatar Airways: This five-star airline made history after becoming the first airline to pass IATA’s stringent IOSA safety audit. 

Etihad Airways:
Founded in July 2003 it has a fleet of 111 passenger aircraft's. It happens to be the national airline of UAE and its headquartered in Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Air France:
This airline is stated to be the largest airline in the world when it comes to operating revenue. 

Air Arabia:
This airline based in Sharjah has been listed on the Dubai financial market. It began on 3rd February 2003 and is an affordable carrier in the region.

Cathay Pacific:
They have won various awards in the aviation industry and are one of the youngest fleet comprising of 130 aircraft's. It holds the record of being one among six airlines to carry a “five-star” rating from Skytrax. 

Singapore Airlines:
It flies to 80 destinations worldwide. The airline is ideal for frequent flyers as you do not have to compromise on the services even if you want to travel for less. 

Thai Airways: 
Formed in 1960, this airline was a joint venture between Thai Airways Company and Scandinavian Airlines System. It’s based in Bangkok and operates out of Suvarnabhumi Airport. 

This German airline covers 18 domestic destinations and 193 international destinations across 81 countries. 

British Airways:
This is the largest airline in the United Kingdom due to the fleet size. 

Some of the best Domestic Airlines:

Air India: It comprises of 108 aircraft's and boasts of well-planned routes and flight schedules. You can enjoy its comfort and reliability. 

SpiceJet:  Indigo is a privately-owned airline brand that has been in operation since mid-2005. It operates 293 daily flights to 40 destinations which include 34 Indian and 6 international destinations. 

Indigo: It is one of the fastest growing airlines in India. This privately-owned airline boasts of a fleet size that is around 86 aircraft's which serves close to 5 million passengers. They are considered as India’s best low-cost carrier. It promises value for money in terms of punctuality, service, and comfort. 

Jet Airways: Established on 1st April 1992, Jet Airways is the second largest airline in India. Being one of the biggest and renowned airlines in India, it has a fleet of 115 aircraft that has won multiple awards for its top-notch service. 

Vistara: This brand that was launched in 2014 is a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and India’s Tata Sons. This service airline is such that passengers don’t have to pay for food or water inside the airline. Currently, it operates across 10 destinations in India. 

Go Air: It comprises of a fleet of 19 airplanes operate in over 20 destinations. This is one of the few airlines that even offers connectivity to few remote destinations which includes Srinagar, Guwahati and Jammu.